EnergyPlus timeseries visualization software

EnergyPlus has rich support for hourly and sub-hourly reporting, but as a model becomes larger and more complex, the simulation output size can become unwieldy for many existing tools. This can result in prohibitively long load-times just to view your simulation results.

Timestep attempts to be a better solution, offering a clean, user-friendly and near-instanteous querying interface, as well as modern data visualization capabilities. It accomplishes this by using the EnergyPlus SQLite Output reporting, and can load and visualize very large simulation output files in seconds, rather than minutes.

Current Timestep features:
Planned Timestep features:
Install and Setup
  1. Download the current build for Mac or PC.
  2. (Optional): Download the sample SQL file.
  3. Unzip the file and place it in its own directory.
  4. Double-click "timestep" (timestep.exe on Windows)
  5. If experiencing issues running the program on Windows, select "More Info" at the "Windows Protected Your PC" at the pop-up and then select "Run Away."
  6. If experiencing issues running the program on Mac, check out this link to open packages from unidentified developers.
  7. Ensure that any desired EnergyPlus simulations have been run with the following command in the IDF file: "Output:SQLite, SimpleAndTabular"
  8. Click the "Load Files button", or drag a valid SQL file (or multiple SQL files) over the load files button.
  9. Start exploring your model results!
Heatmaps with Variable Color Domain
Scatter Plots with Color Dimensions
Interactive Line Plots with Multiple Axes
Histograms with Variable Bin Settings
Statistical Summaries
Live-Searchable Reports
Support for Multiple Simulations (Line Plot)
Support for Multiple Simulations (Scatter)
Timestep is an open-source project and welcomes contributions! It uses the following frameworks / languages: If you're interested in contributing, check out the main github repo!